Surrogacy in Ukraine today is not very widespread. This could be due to the rather high cost of surrogacy services or the popularity of various prejudices and stereotypes. Surrogacy Clinic has shared with us what one should know about the program before signing the contract.

Legal aspects of the program

Ukraine is one of the few countries where the commercial form of surrogacy (i.e. providing surrogacy services for a certain fee) is legal. And the relationship between the infertile couple and the surrogate is clearly regulated.

It is important that the initial rights to the child belong to the woman who gave birth to it. Therefore, theoretically, a surrogate mother may not give her newborn to her family. But one should take into consideration the agreement, stipulated by the contract. If a woman keeps the baby, she has to pay a big fine. Besides, all the surrogates already have children of their own. It is logical that such a woman does not need another’s baby. That is why there are no cases when a newborn stays with a surrogate.

This law, on the one hand problematic for the couple, is actually necessary for the convenience of the family itself. When a baby is born, the surrogate signs documents confirming the transfer of the child to his or her biological parents. Such a procedure simplifies the registration of the couple as legal parents. There is no need to go to court or guardianship authorities, or go through an adoption procedure.

Only married couples who cannot have children for medical reasons (the list of diagnoses is clearly spelled out) can take advantage of the program. So, the stories that a woman who doesn’t want to spoil her figure can have a child through a surrogacy program are a myth. Of course, such an option is possible, but it is “illegal”, i.e. it is not protected by law.

There are requirements for the surrogate as well. She must be absolutely healthy, of childbearing age, and have her own child (and preferably two). If a woman is married, she will have to have her husband’s notarized permission to participate in the program.

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How much do surrogate services cost?

The cost of participation in the program is calculated individually and depends on the fees of doctors and surrogate mothers, the need to rent a house for pregnant women, etc. Surrogate mother – the price of her services varies, and everything is calculated individually. To this amount should be added fees for maternity clothes, food, renting accommodation (if necessary), travel to the clinic, payment for medical services. For a multiple pregnancy, an additional $1,500-2,500 is paid. The money is paid out sequentially: first, after successful IVF; the last – after the baby is delivered to the parents.

Lawyers recommend concluding an agreement through a surrogacy agency. Otherwise, it will not always be possible to regain one’s rights.