ARA-290 is a type of erythropoietin. It is capable of decreasing the inflammatory pathways in the body and thereby signals the repairing receptors to get on with the work of the required mechanism. This erythropoietin is also capable of improving cholesterol, reduce HbA1c, and also to modulate neuropathic pain, which will in turn trigger all kinds of wound repair. 

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ARA-290 is one of the many small peptides that are derived from erythropoietin or also known as EPO. This EPO is best known to offer the production of red blood cells along with handling many other bodily functions such as cell survival promotion, growth of the blood vessels, production of neuroprotective effects especially in the case of diabetic neuropathy. 

The wonderful medicinal factors of ARA-290 have made it the most preferred peptide for the wound repair triggering mechanism in case of chronic diabetes, and also for treating the condition of systemic lupus erythematosus. 


The benefits of ARA-290 are still under research condition and many have come to light. Some are listed below. 

  • Through the process of paracrine signaling, it can decrease the effects of the inflammatory pathways in users. 
  • It can reduce the presence of HbA1c in the blood 
  • It can increase the cholesterol levels in the blood in the required numbers. 
  • It can trigger the natural wound healing mechanism in the body 
  • It can reduce neuropathic symptoms. 

Some of the patients that are under the treatment of diabetic-related issues and chronic neuropathic pain will experience wonderful effects of this peptide. This peptide is sometimes paired with the other peptide bonds to make it an effective wound healer.  

Chemical description 

Synonyms: Cibinetide, PH-BSP 


Molecular Weight: 1257.3 g/mol 

Molecular Formula: C51H84N16O21 

Clinical research 

The clinical research of ARA-290 has revealed many facts and is listed below. 

  • Blood vessel health 

In the world of industrialized nations, Retinal ischemia is one of the many leading causes of blindness in people. The process of protecting the retinal epithelial cells from the possible injuries that may happen in the industrial work, and also their regeneration work is a procedure that is a long way towards the healing process. 

With the help of the ARA-290 peptide, the endothelial colony-forming cells can be maintained at their best health. This will also trigger the rebuilding mechanism of the red blood cells. 

  • Reducing the inflammatory cytokines 

With the help of macrophage activation and inhibition, the studies have shown that the transplanted islet cells can survive with the help of ARA-290. People, who are suffering from diabetic neuropathy, can experience a sense of relief with the help of the transplant of islet cells, as these cells can have more blood glucose physiologic control. 


The main focus of ARA-290 is to control neuropathic pain, help the body system in diabetic patients to develop immune-modulating properties, and so on.