One thing to know before surrogacy centres in Delhi are considered is that, surrogacy is a unique form of IVF. However, with surrogacy, the womb of the surrogate mother is used for the child to grow. That is the only difference. With this, you should feel settled and less tense about finding the best surrogacy centre in Delhi. Most of the time, some couples find the best IVF centres in Delhi NCR that have the best agencies linked for surrogacy. However, they are too tense to make the right decision. Make sure that doesn’t draw you back from being a parent as you have always wished for.

Some considerations where surrogacy is concerned

  1. Gestational Surrogacy. This form of surrogacy is also known as “host surrogacy.” This is because the surrogate mother isn’t related to the fetus or child biologically. However, she just plays her part as the host or carrier of the embryo. This is the best option for women who have no difficulty producing eggs to be fertilized. Especially if you are unable to carry children for the entire 40 weeks. Here, the best surrogacy centre in Delhi will make sure they help ensure this method is used to make you know you are a part of the baby being born. Where this type of surrogacy is concerned, the eggs of the woman and sperm of the man are offered to the intended parents’ or even sperm or egg donors. Then, the surrogate has the fertilized embryo implanted into their womb through the IVF procedure, or in-vitro fertilization method.
  2. The cost of surrogacy. It is true that surrogacy is not cheap. For infertile couples, visiting IVF centres in Delhi NCR and not meeting your results can push you to surrogacy. When this is considered, the cost factor doesn’t go away. Intended parents need to cover all the expenses. Yes. From the pregnancy of the surrogate, and all the other connected charges that mostly cover tests, ultrasounds, counseling, insurance, transportation and feeding of the surrogate mother, surrogate agencies, lawyer fees, and others. The best bet for you is to get the best IVF centres in Delhi NCR with a surrogacy alternative that will charge all in one. Paying a lump sum is always the best way out. Some other valuable expenses include:

The cost of fertility treatment required prior to pregnancy. This might either include intrauterine insemination or in vitro fertilization.

Delivery cost or charges.

The cost for prenatal visits with IVF doctors and to the IVF centres in Delhi NCR where the procedure was done.

The cost of medicine, food, clothing, and others is required for the surrogate mother.

The cost of initial baby supplies before handing over.

Surrogate agencies mostly charge anywhere from $20,000 to $60,000 as their fees. This can be more or less based on the agency you deal with. The amount mostly includes attorney’s fees and also paperwork charges. So, always find out what the amounts you are paying cost or entail.


In writing, the entire surrogacy and IVF process may appear to be so simple. However, it is not so simple. That is why the best surrogacy center in Delhi should be involved. When they are involved, you will love the experience completely. Also, these centres will make sure you have clarity in the process. So, you will appreciate going through it, no matter how tense and difficult it might be at times.