Have you experienced dirt getting accumulated on the bristles of your toothbrushes? Or the bristles coming lose as you keep using the brush? No matter how well you maintain your toothbrush, the wear and tear cannot be avoided. Using toothbrush every day twice a day brings it closer to the end of its lifespan. After a term of 12 to 16, weeks you will most definitely have to replace the toothbrush.

But why is it essential to replace the brush head often? Here are 3 reasons to do so-

1] The toothbrush becomes ineffective 

Bristle flaring or weakening and fraying of bristles due to the frequent exposure of brushes to water and chemicals in the toothpaste results in making the toothbrush ineffective to perform its function. The tip of the bristles is usually associated with removing the stains and deposits over the surface of teeth. When the bristles bend over or stand erect at different angles, the toothbrush becomes ineffective at cleaning, which can eventually become the cause for dental issues like bacteria accumulation, cavities, bad breath, etc.

2] Causes dental damage 

Additional to reduced effectiveness of cleaning your teeth; damaged toothbrushes can become strong enough to cause oral injuries. The toothbrush bristles are slightly bent to make them less abrasive but wear and tear makes them erect with time, which can then become an invitation to abraded teeth, bleeding gums, gum recession followed by periodontal diseases.

3] The toothbrush becomes a ground for bacteria 

Disinfecting the toothbrush is a solution most of us choose to keep our brushes well maintained. However; this simply sterilizes the brush and doesn’t eliminate the bacteria presence on the brush. The bacteria are stuck deep down at the base of the bristles, which can’t be rinsed off. Eventually, the accumulation of these bacteria and usage of the same brush will lead to the re-introduction of bacteria into the mouth every time you brush your teeth. 

These are a few prominent reasons why you must replace your toothbrush. Since replacing toothbrush frequently can be a costly and inconvenient affair, you can replace only the brush heads. The Nada recyclable toothbrush heads come in three alternatives- pack of 4, 8 and 12. You can go for these and extend your hand to saving the environment while ensuring a stellar oral health. So go grab yours and safeguard your teeth!