Imagine living in a house without walls. There would be no privacy, and anybody or anything could come in and out when they feel like it. The walls prevent any intruders and protect those in the house. That is one of the major roles your skin plays in your body. It protects the inner organs from exposure to harmful substances. Therefore, protecting your skin and keeping it healthy is important. If you are worried about the state of your skin,  Dr. Connie Wang will offer you the best skin preventive care treatment to help keep it healthy and rejuvenated. Ensure you are proud of your appearance by maintaining healthy and rejuvenated skin. Here are some interesting facts about preventive skin care you must know.

Your Skin Renewal Occurs Naturally

Different products are said to restore and renew your skin. Specialists will recommend most of them, saying they help stimulate cell growth. However, the truth is that your skin naturally ensures cells grow and shed the old ones. It has an inner chemical called collagen which helps in the growth and rejuvenation of the skin naturally. Other artificial products only supplement the natural process, so they do not offer a long-lasting solution to the skin. The skin renews itself every 28 days. However, the process slows down with age, so you require routine skin care.

Sleep Helps in The Skincare Process

If you only thought that sleep is important to children’s growth, here is more. Sleep is essential to skin care as lack of enough and better sleep leads to different skin problems. You may experience a diminished skin tone and bags under the eyes. Lack of sleep may also trigger inflammation, leading to acne breakout. It is essential to have enough sleep for you to look fresh, vibrant, and youthful.

Long Hot Showers May Damage Your Skin

Most people will want to take a long hot shower, especially after a tiresome day, to relax their bodies and mind. However, although it helps you relax, it causes harm to your skin. Hot water will dissolve your oily protective layer on the skin, which helps keep your skin moisturized, making it look pale. You must apply artificial oil every time you bathe to make your skin shine. You are advised not to overwash or use a hot shower for long to help protect the skin cells.

 Stress Causes Damage to Your Skin

When you are under stress, the body produces a chemical known as cortisol which causes inflammation around your body. The inflammations damage your skin, triggering conditions such as eczema and side effects from other conditions such as acne. Avoiding stress helps balance your body’s hormones and keep them regulated, which helps the skin to remain healthy.

The skin is one of the largest body organs requiring good care. When you meet a person, the first thing you see is their skin hence you can tell when it is in good or bad shape. To avoid people judging you or talking badly about your skin appearance, you should make skincare a routine. Visit your specialist for regular preventive skincare treatment, and you will enjoy the outcome while maintaining a youthful appearance.