Cosmetic technology is reaching far beyond all the previous treatments. The introduction of some exclusive cosmetic devices has made a revolution in the world of the cosmetic industry.

Hence, many issues such as premature aging, and skin discolouration, and many such issues have been treated successfully.

Pico Laser is one of the many procedures that are used in the cosmetic world to treat some skin issues. Retens is one such expert team that knows the effects and also the benefits of this procedure.

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Laser Technology known as Pico 

This is a procedure that guarantees zero invasive and non-surgical treatment. This solution is utilized to treat many skin issues and spots that are caused because of acne scarring or sun damage. The effects of this technology are permanent.

Working Mechanism 

The pigmented lesions, acne scars, tattoos, and many other such conditions can be successfully cured with the help of Pico technology.

The laser beams that enter the skin will make your skin look more youthful, fuller, and softer. A layer of short energy pulses will be sent into the dermal layer, and these beams will not have any heat in them.

The targeted areas that should be taken care of with 皮秒激光, meaning picosecond laser technology will impact the skin, which will then shatter the skin pigment particles, and these particles will be taken care of by the natural skin elimination procedure.

The precision of the treatment is something that makes this process quite effective for all skin issues.

Effects of Pico Laser Technique 

The effects of Pico technology can offer longer effects on the skin. The maximum length of the effect of this treatment will be more than 6 months.

This is in the case of skin pigmentation and scarring. The usage of this technique on some issues such as tattoos, or scars will be permanent.

Cost of the Treatment 

皮秒, meaning picosecond laser technique is one of the cost-effective and best solutions for many skin issues.

The experts will first analyse the severity of the scarring or skin issues in their clients. Once they get a clear picture of how it works, they will then start working on the best way of addressing the issue.

The result will be quite effective and will also be a permanent one. However, the cost of all the available treatments will not be the same.

Conditions Treated 

Here are some issues that require Pico treatment. 

·         Melasma 

This is one of the most commonly noticed skin issues in female patients. This is caused because of high pigmentation due to some hormonal imbalance issues and can be taken care of with the Pico technique.

·         Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) 

Hyperactive melanocytes, melanin, or melanin incontinence are some major causes of this issue. It can be taken care of with Pico treatment.

·         Solar Lentigines and Freckles 

These are commonly noticed in the maxillary regions including the nasal lining. It can be removed with the help of a Pico laser solution.

Pico treatment has many benefits for clients with skin issues.