Rotator cuff injuries, despite the fact that they are excruciatingly painful and difficult to manage, may not have to be a permanent condition if the appropriate treatment is received. Injuries to the rotator cuff may be treated in a number of different ways, and it’s possible that you won’t need surgery to get well if you receive the right care. The unhealthy tissue that has to be removed surgically may be localised with the use of ultrasonic waves during this minimally invasive treatment. The body’s innate capabilities to mend itself are given a helping hand.

The treatment is helpful for treating injuries to the rotator cuff as well as other conditions that have an influence on the tendons of the body and have the potential to cause harm to those tendons. A ailment known as tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow is quite similar.

Gaining Insight Into The Positive Effects Of The TENEX Therapy

TENEX is a forward-thinking procedure that was granted FDA clearance in the year 2012. If other treatments for rotator cuff discomfort, such as rest, immobilisation, or steroid injections, are unsuccessful, then this technique may be a possibility. Choosing the alternatives to rotator cuff surgery  is essential here.

TENEX makes use of ultrasonic imaging technology in order to conduct the evaluation of your tendons. If we utilise ultrasound to find the wounded tissue, we may be able to direct our healing efforts more precisely to the area where they are needed. After then, the damaged or wounded tissue is broken down by ultrasonic frequency waves, which are used by the TENEX system. Following this, the diseased and dying tissue is removed surgically.

Following surgical intervention, the body may heal at its own rate. It’s possible that having more space around will both reduce pain and increase security. In addition, the area’s healthy tissue won’t be harmed in any way by this procedure.

To what extent does this method invade one’s privacy?

Because patients experience less pain as a result of using the TENEX technique, it is favoured more than the gold standard. In order for the ultrasound equipment to perform its purpose, a very little incision is required. As a consequence, the amount of scarring and the amount of time needed to recuperate are both decreased. You won’t have to worry too much about the healing period since it will be very quick because the incision won’t be that large.

The exact incision is performed at the location where the tissue seems to have been destroyed. It is important that the incision not be made too deeply if the device has to enter the tissue in order to treat the region.

When will things finally start to turn around?

Recovery time with TENEX therapy for a torn rotator cuff is much shorter than to recovery time following surgery. Following your procedure, you will be discharged the same day and allowed to return home. After the operation, you should begin to feel back to normal within approximately two weeks. It might take this medication up to two months before all of its advantages become apparent. There will be some downtime involved, but it will be rather brief in comparison to the amount of time and money you will have to spend in the hospital in the event that you choose to have surgery.