Hearing loss affects more than 30 million people in United Kingdom  and is a major public health issue. It can affect anyone at any age, but it’s especially common among children and older adults. Many people who suffer from hearing loss are able to benefit from hearing aids that amplify sounds and improve the quality of their lives by making them more comfortable when they communicate with others.

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We provide earwax removal training courses, we’re here to help you find the best solution for your specific needs. We offer a free hearing test and follow-up appointments so that our professionals can get to know you and determine what is best for you.

We understand how important it is to have access to high-quality products when it comes to helping people hear better. That’s why we make sure our hearing aids are made with state-of-the art technology so they fit each individual perfectly (and not just any size). We also provide all kinds of accessories like earbuds or wireless microphones so that no matter where they want their music playing at home or work, there will be no problems hearing whatever sounds come through their device!

Hearing loss is a common problem

Hearing loss is a common problem. It’s affecting your family member, and you. Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the U.S., affecting nearly 50 million Americans—that’s more than asthma or heart disease!

The good news is that hearing aids can help improve your loved one’s quality of life by making it possible for them to communicate with you again—and they’re also great tools for keeping up with technology while on the go! If you’re worried about how much time it will take for your loved one to learn how to use these devices properly (or if they’ve been using them for years), don’t worry: 9 out of 10 people report significant improvements in their quality of life after getting hearing aids

Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the U.S.

Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the U.S., affecting an estimated 40 million Americans. That’s about 12% of the population! If you’re thinking about getting hearing aids, there are many things to consider:

  • You can get a free hearing evaluation from one of our certified audiologist-hearing aid specialists at Dottie’s Hearing Aid Center. We have locations in all 50 states and we’re here for you when it comes to hearing loss care and technology solutions.
  • The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has created standards for devices which help improve speech understanding in both noise and normal environments, including those with limited mobility who may struggle with communication due to their condition or lifestyle choices (like being outside more often). These include ANSI standards such as ASHA Professional Practice Guide on Community Audiometry Levels 1 through 4 (ASHA 2015), which outlines specific requirements for these devices so that they work well across different types of environments like restaurants/bars/libraries etcetera…

It’s affecting your family member, and you.

You likely have the same questions as your loved one: how can I help him or her? What should we do, and how can we make things better? You want things to be easier and more bearable, but it’s not always that simple. The impact of hearing loss on a family member can be devastating for everyone involved—including the individual with hearing loss.

The effects of hearing loss on the individual are often seen in their relationships with other people. For example: if you ask someone who has been diagnosed with late-stage dementia about their past memories, they may only remember moments from years ago rather than events from recent months or even days (which is typical). As such, they may miss out on important conversations during those times because they weren’t able to hear what was being said by others around them! For More information about ear wax visit