Usually, one or two weeks before menstruation, women notice physical and mental changes, known as PMS. It affects 90% of the reproductive cycle of women. Sometimes senior age women experience severe PMS symptoms compared to others.

When talking about PMS symptoms, the common ones include cramps, sore breasts, fluctuating hormones. However, if you feel some irregular symptoms, you must go to the lady gynecologist clinic near you. Moreover, many times, these signs and symptoms are responsible for women’s discomfort before the period. Typically, symptoms of menstruation often subside 3-4 days following the start of menstruation.

The following are typical symptoms that indicate your menstruation is on its way. However, this is not the all-time case, and it doesn’t happen to every woman; it varies from person to person.

  1. Cramps

Primary dysmenorrhea refers to abdominal or menstrual cramping. They’re a common symptom of premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

You may have abdominal cramps that linger for several days or longer during the days before your period. Depending on how severe the cramps are, you may be unable to continue your normal activities.

Uterine contractions cause menstrual cramps throughout the menstrual cycle.

These contractions are caused by the synthesis of hormone-like lipids known as prostaglandins. Although the common question the women ask regarding PMS to their lady gynaecologist clinic is that white discharge kab hota hai is also a PMSing symptom? So the answer to this question is no, it’s not.

  1. Skin Breakouts

Most women experience a surge in acne, sometimes before their period compared to regular days.

The chin and jawline are the most common spots for menstrual breakouts, and they are caused by hormonal fluctuations that occur during the female reproductive cycle.

  1. Mood Swings

For some women, the psychological conditions of PMS are more intense than the physical. Due to which you might encounter oscillations in mood, depression, irritability etc.

So suddenly, if you’re experiencing emotional turmoil or feeling sadder or crankier than normal, it is just because of fluctuation in oestrogen and progesterone levels.

  1. Fatigue

As your menstruation approaches, your body transforms from preparing to support a pregnancy to preparing to menstruate. Due to which your hormonal levels often drop, which results in exhaustion and tiredness, and mood changes can also cause fatigue.

Furthermore, some women have difficulty sleeping during this stage of PMS and monthly period. So, daytime weariness can be exacerbated by a lack of sleep.

  1. Lower Back Hurts

Period cramps impact more than just the belly. It fluctuates in natural chemicals known as prostaglandins, which line the uterus, generating contractions that you may also experience in your back or legs, especially thighs.

This article has discussed the most common symptoms a woman can face before her period starts, but if you still need any assistance, you can consult with Chhaa Jaa.

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