Getting a vasectomy can indeed change your life. You will no longer need to worry about getting your sexual partner accidentally pregnant. This helps avoid unwanted pregnancies and the problems that come with them. However, it is always recommended to weigh the pros and cons of something before making a decision. 

Getting a vasectomy Brooklyn, New York is an extremely personal choice. Remember that you should only get one if you want to do it, not because your partner or spouse is pressuring you to. It is important to have a thorough discussion with them including the pros and cons and arrive at an agreement. 

Pros and cons of a vasectomy 


  • No more children. 

Vasectomy is the perfect solution for those who have already completed their family or those who do not want kids. You won’t have to worry about impregnating your spouse, which takes off a lot of stress. 

  • It is low risk. 

Vasectomy is a very minor procedure that is done in under an hour. The risks associated with it are rare. Moreover, the recovery process is quick as well. Most men need only 2-3 days of rest before they can get back to work, while others take 7 days’ time maximum. 

  • No anxiety. 

There are various contraceptives available in Brooklyn, New York that you can use. However, none of them guarantee 100% protection from unwanted pregnancy. Condoms, birth control pills, and all others still can make one pregnant. A vasectomy provides complete assurance with a 99.98% success rate. You no longer need to be anxious about a surprise pregnancy. 


  • Side effects. 

As with any other surgery, a vasectomy comes with its own side effects. However, the good news is that they are minor. During the recovery period, you might feel discomfort and experience symptoms like swelling, redness, and bruising. These can be managed with ice packs, rest, and pain relief. 

  • Change of mind. 

It is recommended to not get a vasectomy if you have not made up your mind completely. There are numerous men who develop the want for children after getting a vasectomy. It can affect your emotional health and even result in arguments between you and your spouse. 

  • Reversal is expensive. 

If you do change your mind, there is an option for vasectomy reversal surgery. By undergoing this surgery, you can start reproducing children in the same way. However, the costs of reversal surgery can be expensive. Therefore, it is important to fully consider what your life will be like after a vasectomy. 

  • No protection from STIs. 

Unfortunately, vasectomies only make you infertile but do not protect you from STIs.