Dentures are one of the best tooth restoration methods. It helps people to achieve their desired results and increase their smile aesthetics. There are various types of dentures available in Glenview dental for meeting the specific needs of the patient so that they can get their teeth enhanced as per their needs. However, there are several myths and misinformation associated with dentures. The common myths are as follows.

  • “Dentures do not look attractive and have a fake appearance.”

The type of dentures has developed a lot, and the progress has enhanced the appearance of cosmetic dentures. A lot of dentures look precisely like original teeth, and it is hard to distinguish between them and natural ones. It is possible to get customized dentures that are capable of blending with original teeth. 

  • “Dentures cause unease in eating”

The adjustment period after the placement of dentures may cause slight challenges with eating. The patient is required to consume only liquids and soft meals for some time. However, this is not permanent, and if the patient wears the dentures with perfect fitting, no issues will be present in chewing or biting food. 

  • “Denture wearers are not allowed to get dental implants.”

Dentures and dental implants are both one of the most sought-after restoration methods. They help in replacing teeth without any difficulties. However, many people believe that getting dentures makes it impossible to get dental implants. This is completely untrue as it is always possible to get dental implants even after getting dentures.

  • “Dentures are at risk of falling out while eating and talking.”

This is one of the most prevalent myths about dentures. A lot of people are afraid that their dentures will slip out of their mouths while eating or talking to people. This belief is not exactly true, as it is dependent on the type of dentures worn by the person. Cheaply made dentures are ill-fitting and are at risk of falling out, but the ones with premium quality do not slip easily. It is important to address all your worries and issues with the dental providers during the denture fitting process. This will help in getting the desired results. 

  • “Dentures eliminate the need for oral hygiene.”

Even though dentures are unnatural, they still need to be adequately cleaned regularly. They must be removed and cleaned at night with the help of wet pieces of cloth. This helps in the removal of bacterial growth.