Growing marijuana might not be that easy for a beginner, and there are factors you need to keep in mind before you buy Marijuana Seeds. One of the most important factors you need to consider is light, and you need to ensure that you pick the best light for your strain and growth space.

In this guide, you will know why light is essential to growing marijuana and why you need to keep lights on a precise schedule. You will also know the best type of light you need for increasing specific weed strains. 

Why is Light Needed to Grow Marijuana?

Light is vital for photosynthesis and is important for the growth of all plants. But the specifics of how marijuana plants receive light are very important. E.g., non-auto-flowering marijuana grows best when it gets a specific amount of light every day.

Once a plant hits the flowering stage, the requirement of light changes to about 12 hours a day compared to 16 hours during the vegetative growth stage.  

With the external signal, female marijuana plants start to shift their energy towards forming resin-loaded buds. If they do not receive the signal, they will not know how to distribute the energy they receive from the sun, resulting in smaller yields.

The Best Type of Grow Light for First-Time Marijuana Cultivators

As light is important in the growing process of marijuana seeds to a plant, beginners must focus on receiving light to help them achieve higher yields and save money. Growing marijuana indoors can be expensive, even on a small scale. 

You need to know what lights will fulfill the role, and though there are plenty of lights that will deliver good results, only a few can save you money. Lamps fitted with LEDs are the only ones that balance both power and efficiency.

Benefits of LEDs for First-Time Cultivators

Some of the benefits of LEDs for first-time marijuana growers are as follows:

  • LEDs run cool despite their higher energy output 

Depending on how you select LEDs, you will have comparable energy output to HID without giving as much heat. This is due to the efficiency of the LED system. 

  • Less heat leads to less use of water. 

As there is less heat in the growing room, you can expect that the water you give your marijuana plants will last longer than it normally does. As you do not need to deal with rapid evaporation, the watering schedule will decrease and become more efficient.

  • LED allows for higher light intensity 

Due to the low heat output of the LED, you will offer your plants a higher light intensity. When the plants enjoy more intense light without worrying about heat, they will take in more energy. 

Bottom Line 

Now that you know the importance of light for your marijuana seeds, you can buy LED lights for the grow space. If you want to buy a specific marijuana strain, you can contact Weed Seeds USA; they are one of the best online weed stores to provide numerous marijuana strains and high-quality seeds.