If you feel pain after working long hours to the point you have a blurry or distorted vision, double vision, dry eyes, red eyes, or eyes feeling worn and sore, then you’re probably suffering from eye fatigue. But why exactly does this happen?

You will need to go to a comprehensive and affordable eye exam from a reputable clinic Dr. Tavel Family Eye Care to determine the exact reason behind your eye fatigue. However, there are more common causes that may be responsible for your symptoms, which we will relay below.

  1. Muscle fatigue

Our ciliary muscles are located in the eyes, which are in charge of adjusting our eyes’ lenses so we can focus on nearby or distant objects. When we use these muscles beyond capacity, especially for long periods, we will struggle to focus on things nearby.

Furthermore, when staring at an object for a long period, you prevent the ciliary muscles from relaxing and contracting, so it becomes more difficult to adjust the lenses for clear vision.

You can overwork your eyes from staring at the computer too long, or due to spending long hours reading, driving, or working on tiny projects or crafts that require a lot of focus and detail. Reading small fonts from your book or device may also tire your eyes out quicker.

It can also happen when moving your eyes rapidly, which exhausts the extraocular muscles. These muscles would move your eyes in various directions. You will usually do this when playing video games, another reason behind eye strain.

Extraocular muscles would contract and relax, giving you clear, stable, and strain-free vision. These muscles focus on images to keep you from seeing double.

  1. Ocular surface disease

Some people may have the ocular surface disease, which has the eye’s surface dry out quicker than usual. This can result in difficulty when focusing on things.

The disease causes your eyes to not have enough natural lubrication, so the surface film is prone to tearing and can’t repair itself easily. As such, the eyes feel more tired, resulting in eye fatigue.

  1. Computer screen glare

That’s why you always hear your eye doctor in Avon IN advise you against long hours from the computer screen! One of the major reasons why people experience eye fatigue today is due to always being in front of a computer screen or other digital device.

If your screen’s brightness isn’t properly managed to suit your eyes’ brightness tolerance, that exposure can drain energy from your eyes. That’s because your eyes need to process all that bright or low glares!

Because of that, your screen should be regularly adjusted to your eye’s comfort. If not, then you’ll end up with frequent eye fatigue, which affects your productivity levels. Don’t look directly at fluorescent lighting and ensure the light from your screen suits your comfort levels.

Wrapping It Up

If you suffer from eye fatigue, book an appointment with your eye doctor to get the appropriate treatment.