Technology breakthroughs in dental practice in Toledo have revolutionized treatment delivery, resulting in more precise treatment outcomes and more comfortable patient experiences. One such invention that has completely changed the industry is CEREC technology, which provides a cutting-edge substitute for conventional impressions in dental restorations. Patients in Toledo, OH now have the choice between traditional impressions and CEREC impressions, each with pros and cons of their own.


Traditional Impressions:

For many years, the accepted technique for making molds of patients’ teeth was traditional impressions, which involved the use of trays and impression materials. Nevertheless, this method is frequently accompanied by pain and inconvenience because the materials utilized may cause patients to gag or feel uncomfortable.


On the other hand, by doing away with the necessity for unpleasant trays and messy imprint materials, CEREC technology provides a more comfortable option. Patients in Toledo, OH can have a more relaxed and non-invasive experience with CEREC since digital impressions are created utilizing a tiny intraoral camera. Because of how fast and effective the digital process is, patients spend less time in the dentist’s chair and experience less discomfort than with traditional impressions.


Traditional Impressions:

Even though traditional impressions have been used effectively for decades, faults in the impression-taking procedure or deformation of the impression material can occasionally lead to inaccuracies. These errors could result in restorations that don’t fit well and require revisions or alterations, which would make patients’ treatments take longer.


Because of its computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) procedures and digital scanning capabilities, CEREC technology provides better accuracy than traditional impressions. Restorations that fit naturally and pleasantly are the consequence of exact measurements of the teeth and surrounding structures obtained from digital imprints made with CEREC. With CEREC technology, patients in Toledo, OH can anticipate fewer modifications and a quicker turnaround time for their dental restorations.


While CEREC offers numerous benefits in terms of comfort and accuracy, there are some considerations for patients to keep in mind when choosing between CEREC and traditional impressions in Toledo, OH. 

  • Cost: CEREC restorations may be slightly more expensive than traditional restorations due to the advanced technology involved. However, patients should weigh this cost against the potential benefits of reduced discomfort and improved accuracy.
  • Availability: Not all dental practices in Toledo, OH, may offer CEREC technology. Patients interested in this option should inquire with their dentist about the availability of CEREC restorations in their area.

In conclusion, the patient’s needs and preferences ultimately choose whether to use traditional impressions or CEREC. Although taking traditional impressions has been a dependable way to create dental molds, patients in Toledo, OH now have a more accurate and comfortable option with CEREC technology. Patients can make well-informed decisions about their dental treatment and select the approach that best fits their unique needs and preferences by being aware of the distinctions between these two options.