Mentoplasty sometimes referred to as chin surgery, is a surgical procedure that involves either implant augmentation or bone-reduction surgery to modify the chin. Plastic surgery and other minor office procedures are routinely used to repair the lower jawline and chin region to improve facial proportions and increase confidence and self-esteem. You must opt for chin surgery if you want to get the lost confidence back and look your best. If you are unhappy with the look on your face, then the experts will recommend you get a chin surgery done.

Different Types Of Chin Surgeries

The chin can undergo surgery to change or enhance its look.

Let’s have a look at the different ways before you opt for  long legs silicone chin surgery (เสริม คาง ขา ยาว, which is the word in Thai).

Chin Enhancement/Implants

Surgery to enlarge the chin is often done to improve an underdeveloped chin. Usually, an implant is positioned directly on the bone to do this. Then, a tiny incision is made under the chin to contour the extra skin.

Cosmetic Chin Reduction

To lessen a prominent or overly protruding chin, chin reduction surgery, also known as chin shaving surgery, is performed. The operation is often carried out as an outpatient treatment while the patient is asleep.


Typically, local anaesthesia is needed during liposuction to numb the general region. If you are unhappy with your face’s looks, this is the right thing to look for. This is the method with the help of which the experts can contour the skin of the chin beneath it.


Through this procedure, surgeons can get rid of a double chin by removing fat and sagging, loose skin from the area around the chin and neck. You can get the best look on your face with the help of this surgery.


Various neck-lift techniques try to tighten the neck muscles (platysmaplasty) or remove excess skin (cervicoplasty) to enhance the neck and chin contours. Unfortunately, this technique is frequently performed with a standard face-lift, which may result in a stiff neck for several months.


Hereditary factors, weight, anatomy, and airway location are just a few variables that might contribute to a double chin. According to industry experts, as many as 68 per cent of people are unhappy with their double chins. Unfortunately, you are not alone in this situation. Just make sure you choose the right service provider for the correct results.