Retainers are custom devices that will be given to you after undergoing orthodontic treatment. It is designed to keep your teeth in their place. Wearing retainers can be frustrating but it is better than going through the process of wearing braces all over again.

This article will cover the benefits of wearing retainers, offer some of the tips to keep them clean and healthy, and answer the fundamental question of “what is retainers?”.

Benefits Of Wearing Retainers

Here are some of the benefits of wearing tooth retainers after getting your braces removed.

1.    Maintains The Result Of Your Treatment

Braces or aligners require your time and effort. An individual would want to preserve the result of the treatment. This is where retainers come into the picture which helps to protect the results of orthodontic treatment. Wearing retainers ensures that your teeth remain positioned in their place, preventing the need for any orthodontic intervention.

2.    Prevents Shifting Of Teeth

The teeth have a natural tendency to move forward after the treatment. Retainers act as a force for your teeth to keep them in a newly aligned position.

3.    Improves Speech

Undergoing the treatment might affect your speech due to the shifting of teeth. Wearing retainers helps you to get used to the new position of your teeth, thus, improving your speech and articulation with clear pronunciation of words. As a result, this will also boost your confidence by maintaining your positive smile.

Maintaining Your Tooth Retainers

Just wearing tooth retainers is not enough. It is equally important to take care of them. Here are some ways which will help you to maintain your retainers and keep them healthy:

  • Use a soft-bristle brush to clean your retainers daily to remove any bacteria, food materials, and even plaque. Make sure to use non-alcoholic cleaners which are designed for cleaning retainers. Rinse them with water a few times before using them.
  • When you are not using retainers, put them in a safe provided to keep them clean. Avoid leaving them out as it might damage your retainers.
  • Make sure to remove your retainers before eating or drinking anything.

In A Nutshell

Hopefully we have answered the fundamental question of “what is retainers [รีเทนเนอร์คือ, which is the term in Thai]?” It is important to know that the benefits of braces can only be preserved by wearing retainers consistently or as prescribed by your dentist. Follow the recommendations of your dentist to prevent the shifting of teeth and to ensure the long-lasting results of wearing braces.