Considering the broad range of facials being offered by salons across the world, it sometimes gets intimidating to choose the right one for yourself. HIFU is a high intensity focused ultrasound facial which aims at tightening your skin in a non-invasive manner and minimising the visibility of wrinkles. Also termed the lunchtime facelift, the HIFU procedure gets over quickly and is designed to target particular areas around the neck and face to help it rejuvenate.

But when opting for it, there are a few HIFU side effects that you must know of:

HIFU Side Effects That Are Important To Know 

  • Pain

Ultrasonic therapy doesn’t involve pain; however, people who have undergone the same have reported pinpricks sensation and sensations of heat. All of these sensations last only during the treatment and don’t extend further. While some clients might feel discomfort, it usually passes as treatment continues and you experience brilliant results. But if the pain becomes intolerable, the administer can be asked to put a numbing cream on the area.

  • Blotchy Skin

Blotchy skin is one of the most common HIFU side effects that is reported by patients. The treated areas through HIFU can become both blotchy and red, especially if you are prone to redness and have sensitive skin. Skin turning blotchy isn’t permanent at all and would disappear within a few hours after the treatment. You can ask the aesthetics to offer you creams once the treatment is done.

  • Swelling

Some rare side effects of HIFU facial are swollen and bloated skin but because every skin is different, there are chances of swelling occurring. The swelling might is likely to disappear within a few days and thereafter you can witness the age-rewinding perks of your HIFU facial.

  • Numbness

The HIFU ultrasound facial emits sound waves during the procedure which can penetrate the deepest skin layers. This is done to eliminate the toughest and hard to eliminate wrinkles from the face. This results in a tingling sensation which occurs in delicate areas like lips and eyes. However, this tingling sensation doesn’t last longer than two weeks as per research.

  • Hyper-Pigmentation

HIFU side effects (hifu ผล ข้าง เคียง, which is the term in Thai) like this might be rare but might stay permanently. HIFU facials can make the skin undergo colour changes which then become darker. The heat emitted from the ultrasound divide can cause this side effect. But to ensure this side effect doesn’t occur, the aestheticians make sure every client undergoes a patch test.

HIFU is one of the most effective treatments that are available as an alternative to surgery. You can use it on your body to target the fat areas. Or you can also use them on your face to tighten your skin.