If you’re trying to lose weight, the Thrive Patch is a skin patch that you can apply to stay fuller for longer. The company that created the programme, Le-Vel, markets it as part of a larger, eight-week lifestyle package.

The programme claims it will improve cognitive and immune system health, promote healthy ageing, and aid in weight loss for its members. The lack of supporting data for its efficacy is a major drawback.

Multilevel marketing (MLM) is also used to promote the programme, so that current customers can sell it to their networks. It can be obtained through both the official corporate website and programme advocates.

How the Thrive Patch work, and what does is it exactly?

The Thrive Patch is a plaster-like weight loss aid that you adhere to your skin.

It’s sold as part of a programme that promises to help you live a healthier life by feeding your body more than a hundred high-grade vitamins, plant extracts, minerals, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, probiotics, fibre, protein, and other critical nutrients.

Participants in the strategy are expected to carry out three tasks each day. That costs more than $300 for a supply that will last a month.

The line of products is promoted under the assumption that it provides the body with the nutrients it needs, including vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, and amino acids.

There are several methods to take them in. Participants start the day with a shake after taking supplement tablets, eat lunch, and then swap out their Thrive Patch in the afternoon.

It is said to work by delivering its secret formula directly through the skin, and the patch is designed to last for 24 hours.

Can you use the Thrive Patch to help you slim down?

Unfortunately, the Thrive Patch’s ability to aid in weight loss has not been studied.

In this context, studies on three of the compounds in the patch have been conducted. Nevertheless, these components have only been studied when swallowed; there is currently no data showing their efficacy when given topically, such as with a patch. The effectiveness of topical forms is unknown, and the results of this study cannot be extrapolated to them because of differences in absorption and concentration between topical and oral medicines.

How effective the patch’s technology is

There is currently insufficient evidence to suggest that any of the patch’s active ingredients promotes weight loss. Everything of the patch falls within this category.

The patch’s active components, and the amounts of those ingredients, remain unknown. It is also unclear whether or not the patch’s ingredients will have any noticeable effect.

As the substance transfer mechanism, dermal fusion, has not been studied, it is unclear how effectively the patch delivers its active ingredients to the skin. This is due to the lack of research on the technology in question.

This means that not only is there insufficient evidence to show that the compounds included within the patch are effective, but it is also currently unknown whether or not the patch is capable of boosting levels of these active ingredients in the blood.

It is unknown how well the Thrive Patch’s contents are absorbed through the skin, the amount of each ingredient, or whether or not the Thrive Patch really works. Several of the chemicals in the Thrive Patch may have some useful effects, but just how much of each is there is a mystery.

Furthermore, it is prudent to be wary of the products’ efficacy because not enough research has been conducted on them, and some of the claims made about them are vague at best.