We all know that hydration is essential for life. Furthermore, we are all aware how miserable it is to become dehydrated with no immediate access to water. Your head begins to hurt, you become fatigued, and your mood can go haywire. But understanding hydration as simple a way to stave off these unpleasant symptoms rather blinds us to something else – the benefits of hydration. Indeed, drinking water is essential to stay alive, but what can it do to make that life more worth living? 

In the end, our culture perhaps has too much of obsession with dehydration and not enough with hydration. Dehydration is bad, but why is hydration good? Some of the benefits of hydration might be quite obvious to you, but others can be improving your health and quality of life without being immediately obvious. 

Synergy Science, a company producing products like hydrogen water, purified water, and other water-based health products, say that hydration done properly is a way to truly optimize your quality of life. If this were not the case, why would people chase the myriad health benefits of products like hydrogen water when regular water will keep you “hydrated” just as well? Truly, hydration means a lot more than we might initially expect. It certainly means a lot more than simply the elimination of thirst.   

How to Spot When You’re Dehydrated 

You might think thirst is the best means of spotting dehydration. In fact, when you become thirsty you are already dehydrated. For this reason, many health authorities recommend that you sip water continually throughout the day. 

When trying to spot dehydration before it becomes too bad, you can look out for all the unpleasant symptoms that it causes. Another great technique is to check the color of your urine when you go to the toilet. If it is anything darker than a pale straw color, then it’s time to drink up.

Unexpected Benefits of Hydration 

So, what can optimal hydration do for you? Here are just a few of its many benefits:

It Lubricates Yours Joints 

Water goes to many uses once it enters your body; one of those uses is the lubrication of your joints, spinal cord, and other tissues. Well lubricated joints are what allows you to enjoy exercise – or even just the activities of daily life – without pain. To make your whole body more supple, water is your friend. 

It Eliminates Toxins 

Indeed, the rather vague and old-fashioned idea of water “flushing out” your system is, in this sense, entirely true. Water passes through your body and comes out as sweat, urine, and bowel movements. Have you ever heard the advice of drinking a lot of water to help with a hangover? This is why. 

It Improves Your Mood 

One of the effects of dehydration is feelings of anxiety and confusion. But on the more positive end of the scale, one of the benefits of hydration is an elevated mood. People that drink enough water experience positive feelings throughout the day and sleep soundly. 

Helps With Weight Loss

Water doesn’t actually “flush out” fat in the way it does toxins but remaining hydrated can help with weight loss. It does this by both suppressing your appetite and boosting your metabolism as well as by making exercise easier and more efficient at burning fat when it is being done. 

When it comes to health, so many things come back to simply having enough water. It is the most vital substance for human life on the planet, and it does a lot more for humans than many even know.