Well-designed, sturdy, and healthy teeth are the foundation of a beautiful smile. However, many adverse circumstances, such as dental decay and accident, result in people having missing and/or fractured teeth. 

The truth is that having missing or broken teeth may be incredibly embarrassing, thus people who have them often hide their normal smiles to avoid being embraced. partial dentures North Richmond have fortunately been around for a while, and dentists have used them to provide patients with a more secure smile as well as to aid in maintaining their dental and oral health.

What are dentures 

Dentures are often deemed as false teeth since they are used to replace missing teeth. In essence, dentures are prosthetic appliances that medical experts utilize to rebuild the dental structure of the patient to improve the patient’s entire oral cavity. Many patients have worn permanent or partial dentures over the years to keep their dental cavities in top shape. 

So what makes partial and permanent dentures different from one another? Partially filling in the gaps caused by one or more missing teeth is what partial dentures do, as their name implies. On the other hand, full dentures are prosthetic teeth that are utilized to replace numerous lost teeth from the upper or lower jaw. Because they have hardly anything to hold on to, unlike partial dentures, these types of dentures have been the most challenging and complex to implant. 

Benefits of both permanent and partial dentures 

  • The most tangible advantage of dentures has been that they re-establish the teeth’s ability to function normally. Both permanent and partial dentures have this benefit. Dentures are known to look more natural because of how much better the replacement teeth would look and feel. 
  • People have been complaining about how uncomfortable their dentures are. However, new materials would be created as a result of advancements in dental technology, and these materials are now being utilized to create a new and superior set of dentures. 
  • Dentures provide the benefit of enhancing a patient’s appearance. Dentures will rest assured, make you appear younger than you are. In actuality, tooth loss can result in significant facial changes that may make you appear older. Fortunately, their appearances can be changed with dentures, giving you cheekbones that are more pronounced and shaped. 
  • Your capacity to bite and chew food will be enhanced with dentures. Your eating habits radically alter if you have missing or broken teeth. Due to how stressful and time-consuming the process is, you would end up eating less. Fortunately, by having either complete or partial dentures, you can resume chewing and eating like you once did. 

Dentures can also be taken off for appropriate brushing and cleaning. This is to say that since dentures enhance oral hygiene, they are the greatest option for replacing lost teeth.