The most common disease to infect thousands of people is cancer. Though medical science has found a cure for this deadly disease, it is still fatal. The last stage of cancer is complicated to detect and cure. Hence, awareness is crucial to put up a fight against cancer initially.

Several types of cancer occur in different parts of the body, and each has specific causes and treatments. This article will read about breast cancer and all about its medicines.

What Is Breast Cancer?

The second most common type of cancer diagnosed in women is breast cancer, and the first is skin cancer. In breast cancer, the cells in a woman’s breasts grow abnormally and replace the healthy cells. This abnormal increase in cells forms a lump or mass. Later, these cancerous cells spread into different body parts, especially into the lymph nodes.

What Causes Breast Cancer?

To fight the disease, first, we must know what causes it, and the awareness can create prevention or the ability to check for the symptoms in the earlier stages.

Cancer can develop through the complex exchange of genetic history, lifestyle habits and environmental factors. The most common reasons for breast cancer are age, late menopause, and family history. Moreover, an inactive lifestyle, regular intake of alcohol and long-term usage of hormone replacement treatments can cause breast cancer.

Breast cancer awareness organizations such as Thomson medical emphasize avoiding inactive lifestyles and other harmful activities to prevent breast cancer.

What Are The Symptoms Of This Disease?

Though the primary symptom of breast cancer is a lump of hard mass of accumulated tissue, there are other distinctive signs. Those are:

Soreness And Swelling In The Affected Breast:

  • Increase In Size
  • Change In Shape
  • Nipple Deformation
  • Constant Pain In The Breasts

What Are The Treatments Of Breast Cancer?

The treatment depends on the type of cancer, the patient’s condition, and the cells’ complexity. However, there are several treatments available such as:

  • Chemotherapy: Chemo reduces tumors before surgery and prevents relapse after surgery
  • Radiation Therapy: This method uses high-energy X-rays to diminish cancer cells.
  • Hormonal Therapy: Hormonal therapy reduces the effect of some hormones responsible for cancer cell growth in the last stages of cancer.

Other than these therapies, there are surgical treatments such as lumpectomy and mastectomy to cure breast cancer.