Fitness model Marion Julius is launching her new fitness workouts at you tube and other TV  shows around the globe. Marion who has been doing aerobics attending gyms and fitness health clubs for many years was inspired by the show Aerobics Oz Style she has done some personal training with Wendy from Aerobics Oz Style over the years at Bondi Australia’s Fitness First. The gym junkie Marion who loves all kinds of fitness workouts from cardio to group aerobic sessions. She loves spin the energy of being around other people working out to the funky music that is being played. Marion who is also certified at a fitness course which she completed a few years ago loves to motivate and inspire others to work out also. Exercising is important Marion says she has also attended many gyms and health clubs over the years getting experience in the fitness industry. Marion has also done some fitness clothing modelling for aerobics outfits in her local town for local fitness clothing designers. She has also appeared in fitness magazines and fitness blogs. You can see Marion at instagram @marionjulius12 Look after your mind, body and spirit by learning about Scientology your life can change for the better.

Marion started getting into fitness at an early age she began going to gyms when she was at school learning about the exercise equipment. She enjoyed doing the step work outs with the group and found it very enjoyable fitness is a part of Marion’s life no matter where she is or what she is doing she will do a fitness work out some sort of exercise movements. On rainy days when the weather is bad she will still work out at home inside with her fitness dvds and so the bad weather won’t stop her.