I found a Japanese gem, EyeAct!

During her time at university in Japan, Eru Gibson, a Japanese-born actress, based in Los Angeles, studied the EEGs (brain waves) of actors when they switch between emotions. 

As a science lover, Eru has been on an adventure seeking out amazing products that make people emotionally and physically happy.

“I always look for true science. And I have found this magical eye cream.” 

she explained.

 “The Japanese eye cream, EyeAct, was originally invented to help with ptosis symptoms. But I heard it was also very effective for facial spasms and eye twitches, which I tend to experience when I’m stressed out.”

Eru explained that this cream has helped many patients dealing with ptosis, spasms, and Bell’s palsy.

“EyeAct contains Argireline, Syn-Ake, and Progeline. 

The combination of these three ingredients is essential to curing the aforementioned conditions. By nanosizing these ingredients to one-billionth of their size, ingredients that normally cannot be absorbed through the skin are absorbed in a transdermal fashion through the eyelids.”

“If the amount of collagen in your body decreases, you might get ptosis. 

One of the ingredients in this product, Progerin, will protect and preserve your collagen levels. Many people choose surgery without trying natural care. 

I think you should try this cream before you get on an operating table.”

So, EyeAct can be effective for not only patients but for everyone?

“Absolutely. Ever since I began using this cream, my eyes have felt more comfortable and less dry. The lights on film sets and in theatres are very bright. Occasionally, I also have to wear colored contact lenses for my parts and I desperately needed to find high-quality eye care products. This is important since theaters and recording studios are usually very dry.”

“EyeAct has also been widely used by the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force. 

It is crucial to see the sky clearly, right? If you apply this cream on your neck or shoulders, your tension will be eased as well.”

Who invented this magical cream?

“The inventor of the cream, Mr. Go Naruse, is also an osteopathic practitioner and judo therapist. He has treated over 100,000 patients at his clinic. With this experience under his belt, he carefully chose the best container and texture for EyeAct.”

Thank you “Science lady” Eru for sharing!

More information about the EyeAct cream can be found at the below links.

You can also place an order from the US.



Eru Gibson

Actress and singer based in Los Angeles.

In addition to working as a performer, Eru has been collaborating with scientists and academics to research various health and medical issues.

She has appeared in ads for Alzheimer’s LA and has been working as a writer and a lecturer as well. In her recently published first book Oracle Cards for Performers, she wishes for wellness, peace, and happiness for everyone in the world.

IG @erugibson